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Drugs Seized Following Traffic Stop


On Saturday, October 27th, Deputy James Slaughter of the Drew County Sheriff's Department, was attempting to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle for crossing the fog line and driving left of center.

 The driver of the 2007 Chevrolet Malibu, refused to stop his vehicle when Deputy Slaughter activated his blue lights and sirens.  The driver who was traveling east bound on Highway 278 West turned into Mike Nichols Auction parking lot and continued to drive behind the business where a mobile home park is located. The suspect's vehicle came to a stop in front of a mobile home, which was later identified as the suspect's home. The driver of the vehicle opened the car door and was believed to be attempting to flee. Deputy Slaughter was able to get to the driver's door before he could do so. Deputy Slaughter asked the driver, who was identified as Charles B. Patton, 43, ofMonticello, why he did not stop when he saw the blue lights and heard the sirens. Patton stated that he lived here that is why he did not stop. Slaughter was informed by an official that Patton did not have a current driver's license. Deputy Slaughter began to pat search Patton for weapons or other contraband before placing him under arrest for driving on a suspended license. While doing so Slaughter noticed some clear plastic coming from inside Patton's shoe and at that point attempted to put restraints on Patton. As Deputy Slaughter was attempting to do so, Patton began to resist and attempt to flee on foot from Deputy Slaughter. After a brief struggle Patton was subdued by Deputy Slaughter and other members of the DCSO and MPD.

 After Patton was secured Slaughter took Patton's shoe off and inside Patton had approximately 22.4 grams of crack cocaine which was located inside a clear plastic bag. During the search of Patton's vehicle, a glass measuring cup was found in a paper bag; the measuring cup was lined with white residue believed to be of crack cocaine.

 Patton was charged with possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to deliver, fleeing, resisting arrest, careless driving and driving while license suspended.  On Monday, October 29th, Patton went before Judge Bynum Gibson for his first appearance. Patton's bond was set at $100,000. As of Tuesday Patton is still in custody.

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