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Fire Fighters Respond to Local Fires


During the week of July 4th Drew County experienced four forest fires in the southern part of the county. Three of the fires were caused by lightning strikes just north of Lacey which were a result from pop-up thunderstorms in the area on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The cause of the forth fire, which occurred on Friday afternoon and was located off of Highway 172, is unknown but it was not caused by lightning.

Just before the fire on Highway 172 was reported, a car fire occurred on Highway 35 East. The Monticello Fire Department put the fire out and the car was a complete loss and burned a patch of grass near the highway. There were no injuries reported.

“It is at times like these that we should stop and recognize our volunteer fire departments, the Monticello Fire Department, as they also assisted in many fires that occurred within this county, and the Arkansas Forestry Commission. Without their great help and dedication many homes and lived could be lost. It is always an honor to work along besides people that want to help others. My hat is off to all of you,” said Sheriff Mark Gober.

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