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Shot Fired at Selma Man


Drew County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence located at 236 Selma Collins Road at approximately 1:40 pm on Wednesday, June 20th, after a 911 caller stated that James Suber had shot at Tracey Welch, age 39, a resident of the home, as he was going inside to call 911 after a brief argument with Suber. Welch was not hit by the bullet but was injured from a piece of broken glass that grazed his shoulder as he went inside hit home.

When authorities arrived at the scene, Suber, age 54 of Monticello, was observed standing in a ditch approximately 70 yards from the residence. Suber was unarmed and taken into custody without incident. The weapon allegedly used in the incident, a 9mm pistol, was recovered in a truck at the scene. It was determined that Suber fired a shot at Welch barely missing him and striking the house hitting the top part of a window of the front door breaking the glass which ended up striking the victim.

Suber refused tests to determine if he was under the influence but he is believed to have been intoxicated. Suber is currently detained in the Drew County Detention Facility where he being charged with aggravated assault and committing a terroristic act. He was taken for a first appearance before Circuit Judge Sam Pope who issued a $10,000 bond.

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